The Voice of Leadership Conference

25 Oct 2017 Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh


Doing Leadership: Leading Lions

The British and Irish Lions have faced a formidable challenge in New Zealand from the world's most successful sporting franchise -The mighty All Blacks. The team from 4 countries and differing cultures has had to come together quickly and "man up" or face certain defeat and humiliation in a hostile environment. And they did very well considering the time they had available to them and the heavy programme of matches and engagements they had to fulfil. What lessons can be learned from elite sport.

We want to examine practical aspects of leadership that can help you to face your challenges in business. The focus is on “practical” – concepts and tools you can use and apply in your business.

Business conferences can be interesting- some speakers may even be inspiring – but what difference does it make when you go back to the workplace? Let’s be honest, too many conferences and workshops are neither memorable nor inspiring!

This is the first in what we hope will become a series of leadership workshops that are focussed on doing leadership.

Bill McLaren was a consummate commentator, a professional broadcaster and the voice of rugby. But, above all this, he was a teacher! His passion was about showing youngsters how to play the game, how to behave and how to become better people. Our workshops are dedicated to, and inspired by, Bill’s passion for teaching.

Bob KeillerWe will have leaders from the world of business and rugby sharing their practical lessons and honest insights on leadership – the non-obvious tips and techniques that you don’t find in text books or online courses.

The British Army soldiers of the Great War were described as Lions lead by Donkeys – you may have lions in your organisation – but how do you lead them? So get your ass in gear and sign up for this unmissable event. If you don’t come away with a kit-bag full of invaluable tips we will give you your money back – so what’s to lose (insert your own punchline here about a historically strong rugby club from south west France)?

This event will be sold out – don’t miss it – book today.

Bob Keiller

In association with The Bill McLaren Foundation, we would like to invite you to the inaugural Voice of Leadership Conference which will discuss the theme “Doing Leadership”

Wednesday 25 October 2017
Murayfield Stadium
10:00 - 15:30

The Voice of Leadership Conference

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