Why the Voice of Leadership?

Professional sport has much to offer an uncertain business environment facing formidable challenges. In this conference we want to examine practical aspects of leadership that can help you face your particular challenges head on.


"the key is to ensure that the fear of failure doesn't overshadow the courage to go out and win "

Joel Stransky  South African World Cup winner 1995

The focus will be on the  "practical" -concepts and tools you can use in your workplace. Some business conferences can be interesting even inspiring but does that make a difference when you go back to work -are you better equipped and prepared.

This is the first of what we hope will become a series of leadership workshops that are focussed on Doing Leadership.

Bill McLaren was the doyen of sports broadcasting and the Voice of Rugby for over 5 decades with the BBC. Many believe that Bill did more than  any other person to promote the game of rugby throughout the world.

But above all Bill was a teacher who believed passionately in helping youngsters develop life skills through playing sport and being active. Preparation Preparation Preparation was at the heart of his work ethic throughout his life -always searching for nuggets of information that could give him an edge over his competitors, always raising the bar higher and encouraging everyone he influenced to do better and realise their potential.

Our workshops are dedicated to and inspired by Bill's passion for teaching.

We have leaders from business and sport sharing their practical experiences and honest insights in to leadership -the non-obvious tips and techniques that you don't find in text books or online courses.

Philippe Sela the greatest French centre- threequarter  said "you need to be good for the team whatever the circumstances and the nature of the game."

Well here is your chance to be better armed and prepared for the battles ahead.

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