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Welcome to The Voice Of Leadership Conference

The Voice of Leadership Conference

25 Oct 2017
Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

The Bill McLaren Foundation

The Bill McLaren Foundation aims to support individuals and organisations to actively promote and develop rugby union and its values, as personified by Bill McLaren and to help provide opportunities for youngsters in sports.

The Foundation was set up 7 years ago, with Bill's blessing and the support of his family, which we invite you to help continue to grow.

The Foundation serves three purposes:

  • To develop and promote the sport of rugby union and its values

  • To encourage and provide sporting opportunities for young people

  • To create an educative centre which will include the Bill McLaren Archive

Latest News

11 Jul
Why the Voice of Leadership?

Professional sport has much to offer an uncertain business environment facing formidable challenges. In this conference we want to examine practical aspects of leadership that can help you face your particular challenges head on.

21 Jun

I would ask you to look at the headings here and consider– can they be found in your place of work? For me, they form some of the basic foundations when developing a high-performance team; be this in sport or business. If you asked me to pick out one it would be people as get this right, the rest will follow.

26 Apr
Launch of Inaugural Voice of Leadership Conference

In association with The Bill McLaren Foundation, the inaugural Voice of Leadership Conference will discuss the theme “Doing Leadership”